Zintwala Development Company

ZintwalaThe community takes its name from the Zintwala river which runs through the land. The leaders chose to set aside one side of the river, approximately 600 hectares, for commercial timber. Of this, only 350 hectares was identified as suitable. Peter Nixon and Themba Radebe, who later formed Rural Forest Management (RFM), have been providing the Zintwala Community Trust (ZCT) with technical and managerial support since that time. The plantation is now in full rotation, harvesting around 38 hectares annually, and is FSC certified, assuring the community of a continuous source of income from the sale of timber. The commercial plantation business has served as a springboard for a range of other businesses that provide additional jobs for community members and revenue for the ZCT.

Poles Zintwala20150507_Bees at Pat Nolans 2 Honey and jam project - from L to R James Ballantyne, Simon Ngcobo, Pat Nolan, Lawrence Ntsizwana and Robert Chiya Honey Pat Nolan Bee boxes in trees at Zintwala 3 Honey Pat Nolan Bee boxes in trees at Zintwala 2 Zintwala Zintwala Livestock meeting 7 Mar 2013 (8) Zintwala labour carrier Zintwala harvesting pics on day for FSC 16 Aug 2013 Zintwala Zintwala Zintwala