Sihleza Development Company

SihlezaThis community is adjacent to the Zintwala forestry operation and in 2003 approached RFM to assist them develop their own forestry business. In 2006 Sihleza obtained a planting permit and permission to cultivate the land. However, due to lack of funding, RFM were unable to take this process forward until some years later when finance was obtained from IDC and Sappi. In Feb 2013, Sihleza’s application to the DEDT, Gijima fund, for R3,5m grant, was approved. It is planned to commence establishment of the timber in the summer of 2013/14.

Sihleza Sihleza Sihleza Sihleza mapping for Block ASihleza shed (1) Sihleza shed (3) 20160505_144058 20160505_143603